14 March 2013

Some "Cheesy" Deals

One of the really cool things about couponing is that I get to try out some different stuff that I otherwise wouldn't buy.  This could also be a downfall if you aren't careful.  If you don't approach couponing correctly, you could find yourself actually spending more money than if you didn't use your coupon.  Here's today's scoop:

Wal*Mart: 5 boxes Velveeta Cheesy Skillets, .98/box, 2 boxes Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage Links Breakfast Bowls, .50/box.  Total before coupons: $13.90.  Total after coupons: $5.90.  That's a savings of 58%.  Not bad!  

One thing I don't like about Wal*Mart's receipts is that they don't show you your store savings.  Meaning, it shows that the skillets were $1.98, which was actually the store sale price and not the regular retail price.  For example, Dillons will show on their receipt the regular retail price AND the sale price.  I feel like with Wal*Mart unless I happen to know the regular retail price of an item then I don't really know what my savings truly are.  I can guesstimate, but that's usually not good enough for someone like me who likes my spreadsheet to be complete and correct!  Hah!  Wow, I just sounded very nerdy there.  I should quit while I'm ahead.  Happy Thursday!

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