18 March 2013

Pampers Deal!

My latest CVS trip was a little bit of a repeat.  You might remember I got this paper towel deal the last time I went.  I don't know if they stopped it and started it again or if they just continued it, but either way I had more coupons so decided to stock up on 'em!  Also, with Easter right around the corner I was happy to score some cheap candy.  

You will very rarely see me buy Pampers.  I usually say that Pampers are the Mercedes of diapers.  You pay an arm and a leg for them, and while most will probably tell you that "you get what you pay for" and they are absolutely the best, I have found in my experience that they really don't work any better than Luvs or even the WalMart Parent's Choice brand.  I have been blessed so far with little behinds that don't flare up and react to any particular diaper, so I have been able to avoid being brand specific when it comes to buying diapers.  That being said, I would definitely buy them if they proved to be the cheapest option.  However, even with couponing it's rare that the price will beat out another one out there.

I purchased the above items in 2 transactions.  Put together, the total before coupons came to $68.23.  The total I spent after coupons was $22.48.  A 67% savings!  The paper towels were $3.00/8 pk (.38/roll), The Starburst Jelly Beans were .99/pack, and the diapers were $4.83/pack!  Here's the breakdown:

Transaction #1:
2 packs Easy Ups and 1 pack baby dry = $30 (store sale 2 for $20, down from 13.39 for Easy Ups and 11.99 for Baby Dry)
Extra Bucks (EB) Deal: Buy $30 and get $10 EBs
I used 2 coupons for $2 off one pack Easy Ups and 
I used 1 coupon for $1.50 off one pack Baby Dry Diapers
$30 minus $5.50 equals out of pocket cost $24.50.

Now whenever you get EBs (especially such a high value EB) that print out with your receipt, you want to try and use them in this same shopping trip so that you get immediate savings and don't have to make sure you get back to the store before they expire to use them.  So since you can't just use it in the same transaction that generates it, you need to split of your items into multiple transactions.  In order to use mine, I paid for the diapers first, got my $10 EB, and then used it when I paid for my second transaction.

Transaction #2:
2 packs Starburst Jelly Beans - 2.49 each (on sale down from 2.99)
EB Deal: Buy 2 Get 2 EBs
I used 2 $1 off 1 pack Starburst
My out of pocket cost was 3.98 with $2 EB.  Final cost 1.98 for 2 packs.

2 packs 8 ct Sparkle paper towels (on sale 2 for $10 down from 8.99)
EB Deal: Buy 2 packs get $2 EB
I used 2 coupons that were $1 off one pack Sparkle paper towels
My out of pocket came to $8 with $2 EBs making final cost $6 or $3/pack.

My subtotal for the second transaction was 11.98, I used my $10 EB from my previous transaction making my subtotal then 1.98 with $4 EBs.

I hope that this makes sense.  When you are just starting to delve into the world of couponing, it can be very difficult because it does take time to pick up on the rules and different stores' policies.  I usually tell people who are starting out to please commit to giving it a try for at least a solid 3 months.  It takes some time, determination, and even a few failed trips here and there to really get the hang of it.  But, once you do you will be SO glad you did!  

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