20 March 2013

Walgreens - A Diamond in the Rough

I titled this post A Diamond in the Rough because I feel like that's what the deals there are now.  While Walgreens used to be a place I went every week for great deals, I usually only go now once every 2-3 weeks whenever I find a deal here and there.  I used to love Walgreens.  Back when getting deals was easier!  I get the feeling that not many share my opinion, but it is just that: an opinion.  I started couponing about 6-8 months before my area Walgreens started the Balance Rewards system.  Before that it was all Register Rewards.  I liked the RRs because the savings were instant.  With the Balance Rewards system you have to accumulate a certain number of points on your card (I think it's 5,000) before you can acquire $5 off an order.  They do still have occasional RR deals and sometimes some great Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) or Buy One Get One 50% Off (BOGO 50%) deals that are still worth it, especially since my Walgreens is just down the road.

Here's my latest trip:

6 boxes Kraft Mac n Cheese, .46/box, 2 packs Lever 2000 Bar Soap 2 ct, .25/box, 2 Almay makeup remover, 2.24 each, 2 packs Nice! Jelly Beans, .67/pack, 3 packs Peeps Candy, .67/pack.  Total before coupons: $36.13.  Total after coupons: $11.05.  69% savings!

I was especially excited about the Almay.  I actually missed a better deal a week or two ago just because life is extra crazy right now with trying to get ready to move.  However, this product is the only thing that I am brand specific about, and it lasts me forever.  The last time I got a deal on this I was able to get them for cents on the dollar.  I stocked up with several of them and I am still using that stash.  That was about 3 years ago, and it was the smaller ones so I'm hoping these two will last me almost that long as well.

Thanks to the last couple candy deals I've found I am pretty much done with the kids' Easter baskets.  I told JP the other day that I was done with candy for the baskets and he informed me that they have to have Peeps and Jelly Beans, both of which I hadn't gotten.  So now I can check that off my list.  Can't have the baskets missing those essentials, now can we?  :)

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