19 March 2013

Brainstorming Candyland

Our sweet little Daisy will be turning 4 in just a few short weeks.  I have been talking to her about what kind of party she would like to have, and she kept telling me she wanted a Dora party.  Now, I have no beef with Dora, not really.  Daisy has loved her for a long time now and she does learn a lot from watching her.  But I just felt like Dora would be sort of....run of the mill.  I just felt like there were a ton of other, cuter, more fun options out there.  Also, Daisy didn't seem very excited about it.  She was just sort of interested.  So since it's my party, I mean, Daisy's party, I suggested to her a Candyland party.  We had gotten her the boardgame for Christmas and she loves it.  Ever since that suggestion she has been so excited and keeps wanting to talk to me about her Candyland party and what all we will have there, what we can make, what we can do.  THAT'S how I wanted her party to be!  Something she was over the moon about!  She has looked online with me to see what ideas we can come up with for food, decorations, etc.  Of course, she wants everything so we are picking and choosing.  I have found a ton of great ideas.  I just hope I can pull it off!  Have you ever done a Candyland party?  Do you have some great tips, suggestions, ideas for us?  Any ideas welcome!

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