18 June 2013

Candy Melts Tip

I use candy melts.  A lot.  Due to this little thing I've got going on.  When Anna and I first started making cake pops, we always hated how we were consistently throwing away a lot of leftover candy melts.  We found that one bag melted usually will dip about 12 to 18 pops, depending on the size of them.  So we then had not enough melted candy to dip more pops, but too much to throw away without a guilty conscience.  

I'm a little embarrassed to say how long we were doing this before we realized we should be saving these icing containers whenever we have them so that we could put our left over melted candy in them!  And it wasn't even our idea to boot.  I stumbled onto it in one of my blog searching sessions.

Melt your candy, dip your pops, then pour the leftover melted candy into a clean, empty icing container.  Put a piece of clear tape on the side and write the color of the melts on it. This way if you ever want to change the color you just take the tape off and stick a new one on.
The next time you make pops, take the lid off the color you want, and re-melt the candy in the microwave! I have even just dipped the pops right in the container. It's the perfect size!
You're welcome. ;)

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