12 August 2013

The Blog Craft-What?

No, you're not going crazy, that's just me.  Oh, and my blog.  Things are getting a little different and a lot more fantastically craftastic at this site!  Formally titled, "the vapor that is my life", I decided I wanted my blog to have more of a purpose other than just a space where I blather out the latest thing on my mind.  Oh and don't worry, there is still a space for that as well.  Can't just chuck all the blathering out the window, now can we?  I hemmed and hawed over a new title for weeks until my husband came out with, "TheBlogCraftastic".  I immediately liked it.  And so it shall be.  

So what IS the new purpose and direction of this blog?  To sum up in a few words: 
Crafts.  Creative.  Community.  

Still clear as mud?

I'm going to be highlighting a lot of crafts.  Sharing a lot of creative tips, and I also want this to be a place where you can come to meet, share, and have community with other creative bloggers like yourself.  And you don't have to consider yourself creative.  If anything on this site interests you, then you BELONG here!

Thanks for being patient with me as I put the finishing touches on things.  Stay tuned!

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