15 December 2013

Quick Candy Cane Wreath

"Quick!  Find something on Pinterest for my door!  Christmas is in two weeks!"  WOULD have been what I said if I hadn't just made a Christmas wreath last year.  It still has some wear left in it so it is gracing our door once again.  This Candy Cane Wreath, however, I accidentally found while scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook.  I am sorry I don't have an original source for you, however if you just google "candy cane wreath", you can find many other bloggers who have done their own take of this same project.  Like this one, or this one, or this one!

What I absolutely love about this project is it's cheap, cute, and takes almost no time to put together.

Here's what you need:

1. About 20 candy canes
2. Cardboard
3. Scissors
4. Tape
5. Pen or Pencil
6. A cup or something round
7. Markers
8. White Cardstock
9. Hot glue gun and sticks

First step is to tape the candy canes together, back to back, in groups of two.  My four year old had fun helping me with this part.

We need some cardboard circles.  Turn your cup, or other round object, upside down and trace around it on the cardboard. 

Like so.

Cut it out.

Cut out a piece of card stock the same size.  Hot glue them all together.

Lay out the candy canes in a circle so that they shape hearts.

Glue the cardboard circle to the front with the cardstock side facing up.

Draw something pretty.  You could use stickers here too.

I realized at this point that it wasn't quite sturdy enough, so I glued a couple more pieces of cardboard to the back as well.

Hang it up!  I just used thread, but any string or yarn would work!  

Merry Christmas!

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