27 January 2014

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath

A little over two weeks is more than enough time to whip together this cute Valentine's Day wreath for your door!  This is one that I had made last year.  

First, shape a wire hanger into a heart with the hook part at the top.  
Then cut strips of fleece roughly 1.5" by 4".  
Start by tying a strip of fleece around the hanger and double knot it.  
Tie the next strip right next to it, and so on.  
I used pink, red, pink, red, etc.  As you tie, keep pushing the knots close to each other.  
When you get close to the end it will get a little harder to push them together.  
Make sure it's really tight.  
When that's done you can make your embellishment.  I
 cut the X and O out of and old cereal cardboard box, painted them white, then just painted red dots on them.  
Hot glued them to the fleece and there ya have it!  Very easy!

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