03 February 2014

DIY Chalk Board Paint Success!

Ever since DIY chalkboard paint came on the scene I have been wanting to try it out.  I finally was able to a few months ago!  I have this little cake pop business that I might have mentioned on here once or twice or a million and three times.  I did a craft show back in November, and it was my very first large show so my entire set up was all new.  I needed a couple signs.  One to state my shop's name and prices, and one for my "Man Pop" display.  

I really liked the idea of using chalkboards because I like the look of them and also because they are able to be re-used and re-purposed for many different things. In fact, we just used the large chalkboard this morning for one of our homeschool exercises.

I think it also reminds me of my childhood.  I had a little play area with a pretty large chalkboard.  I played school, played games, and created oodles of chalk art.  Does anyone say "oodles"?  If they don't, they should.

The recipe I used was a very simple one.  Being a busy mom, "simple" is my favorite word.  And when you put DIY in there too, I'm all in.  Here's how it goes:

What you need:
1. Something to paint
2. An empty container for the paint
3. Sponge brushes
4. Black paint (or any color you want)
5. Non-Sanded Tile Grout

A lot of people get excited about going to the mall, Target, or Ikea.  However, my day gets 100% better with a trip to Salvation Army or Goodwill.  I know, classy right?  But seriously, nothing gets the creative juices rushing through my brain than walking the aisles of the consignment stores and looking at everyone else's junk.  

For the chalkboards I had kind of an idea of what I wanted going in.  When my eye caught this old wooden tv tray I grabbed it without a moment's thought.  It was perfect!  I also found this picture that was also a chalkboard.  It just needed sprucing up.

Start by mixing up your paint.  I knew a little bit would go a long way so I only made 1/2 the recipe.  I will give you the full recipe here.  First, measure out 2 T of grout into your empty container.

Pour in one cup of paint.

Mix it up really good to get rid of any lumps.

As you can see here, what I did filled the container about halfway, so a full recipe would yield about 16 oz, give or take.  This is where it really starts to get fun!  Start painting your piece with your really rad chalkboard paint!

Here's the first coat.  I like using the sponge brushes because you don't have to worry about getting brush strokes in your paint.  It paints on nice and slick!

I was really surprised at how quickly the paint dried, too.  I could have done the second coat a mere 20-30 minutes later, but dinner and bedtime routines for three little rascals sort of got in the way.  Hence the horrible picture under really bad light.  But you get the gist.

I almost forgot to take a picture of this chalkboard before it was done.  Love the before and after you can see here!

And the finished product!  I really didn't like how I wrote up this sign, but I literally didn't have the time to erase it and try again.  I was completely down to the wire with this show and didn't have even one minute to spare.  However, the chalkboard itself turned out really good!

And the smaller chalkboard.

If you've been meaning to try out the chalkboard paint thing, now is the time!  Grab an old tray, a wooden box, a glass vase, and paint away!  The possibilities are endless!  You could even turn a wall in your house into a gigantic chalkboard!  Just don't tell your landlord (or your husband) that it was me who suggested it.

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