14 March 2014

Move. Step. Run.

This is me, about 16 years ago.  Killing it in a 400m relay.  Wearing a basketball practice jersey.  Keepin' it classy.

You just have to start.  That's it.  Get up.  Move.  
One foot in front of the other, then another, and another.  
Before you even realize it, you are walking.  
A little faster, just a little faster, and a little more.
It seems like you blink and you are jogging.  
You are still slowing to a walk every couple minutes, but you are jogging.
You keep this up and you're next step is jogging more than walking.
Before you know it the only walking you are doing is in your 5 minute warm up and cool down.
You run a 5k.  
Your time is nothing to speak of, but you're not finished. 
You run another 5k.
Your time is a little better.
A third 5k under your belt and your personal record is again obliterated.

This is how you become a runner.
This is how you reach your goals.
This is how you become strong.
This is how you become confident.
You are still the same you, just better.

This is my dream.
I'm on my way.
And it all started with one step.