16 April 2014

Week 7: Giving Up

I'm going to give up.

Then I think about how far I've come.

I can't run very fast.

Then I remember that I AM running.

I only lost one pound last week, and gained a pound the week before.

Then I realize I'm still 9 pounds lighter than when I started.

I have a health condition that makes it harder to lose weight.

Then I am thankful that this condition is manageable and I am not the only one who has it.

What we tell ourselves has more impact than we realize.  When you are chasing after a goal, or a dream, tell yourself the things you would tell someone else if they were walking in your shoes.  It is very easy to let your own negative messages take over when you are struggling through a rough patch.  For every negative thing you catch yourself thinking, follow it up with a positive thought.  I didn't get to this point by allowing my fears and my negativity to rule my mind.  Our minds are way more powerful than we realize.  Once you learn to control your own mind, you will be unstoppable.

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