01 May 2014

Remember This

Many times while I am running, I feel my legs working hard, how they burn, and at the end of my run, how they think they can't possibly go another step.

I feel how winded I am, how breathing in and out, while rhythmic, is tiring in and of itself.

I think about how this is hard.

I really do love it.  I love the burn and the sweat that tells me I am working hard.  I think there is a certain honor in giving something all you've got, in working hard towards a goal.

It's also in the midst of all of this that I think,

That piece of cake really wasn't worth it.  

It tasted good, yes.  Oh, did it ever taste good.  But if I am truly honest, the taste of that cake was not worth putting me backwards, however small of a step it may have been.  It just wasn't.

So why did I eat it?  

My goal over the next couple weeks is this:  When I am faced with a decision about food, 
I want to remember the burn, the sweat, the hard work.  
I want to remember what it feels like when I am in the midst of a run.  
I want to remember the feeling of thinking I can't go another step.  
I want to remember how hard it is at times to catch my breath.  
I want to remember how hard it is.  
I want to remember why I'm doing this.  
I want to remember that my kids are watching me.  
I want to remember that I have a choice.  
I want to make good decisions.

If I can remember all that, the decision to eat or not to eat should be an easy one.  
And with no remorse I can ditch the cake and grab an apple.  
Or nuts.
Or maybe make some eggs.
Mmmm, I have not had breakfast yet this morning.  Ciao.

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